Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bluebird Update

I wanted to share an update on the bluebirds nesting in my garden. The babies hatched last week and Mom and Dad are sure busy feeding them!
This is Mom with a bug, yummm!

Dad is very active in feeding the babies, too.

We had a lot of rain over the weekend, which softened the ground. That has made it easier to find lots of bugs and worms to feed the kids.

They take turns bringing food to the babies, but neither is gone long before I hear the little ones peep, peep, peeping from inside the box.

I can't yet tell how many babies are in there, but each day they seem to make a little more noise when Mom or Dad show up with food. It won't be long before they take off, but it has been a pleasure to watch the pretty little birds!

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beedeebabee said...

Your photos are wonderful! They are such beautiful birds!! It must be delightful to sit and watch them. :o) Paulette