Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Monday, May 4, 2009

Plush Cat Toys

My cats are always interested in playing with my scraps of felted wool. And, they love catnip, so I decided to make them their own little wooly plush mice, stuffed with catnip.

This is a very simple craft project, so if you can thread a needle, you, too, can make some simple plush mice for your feline friends!


Scraps of fabric, about 5 inches square (I used scraps of felted wool from wool sweaters, but fleece, corduroy, craft felt, or any textured fabric that your cat can grab with her claws would work.)

ribbon, yarn or twine for the mouse tail

catnip, dried and crumbled from your garden or purchased from the pet store


sewing notions, sewing machine optional

First, I made a paper pattern for the mouse body. You can adjust the size to fit how your cat likes to play. I have small Burmese cats and they like to carry their toys around the house, so these mice are fairly small. My pattern is about 4 inches in diameter, with one end slightly flat. The flat end will be the "rear end" of the mouse when you fold the fabric in half to sew. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut out one layer. I also cut out some little red ears from another piece of felted wool and used a small piece of ribbon for a tail. I folded each ear in half and basted the ears and tail in place.

Then you will fold the fabric in half, with the ears and tail inside, and stitch by hand, or use your sewing machine, around the perimeter taking a small (about 1/8") seam allowance. You can see my red stitching line in the photo above. Stitch from the nose of the mouse to the back of the mouse, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing.

Jimmy showed up to get a "hit" of catnip before I could stuff it in the toy!

Once stitched, turn right side out and stuff the mouse. I added a little fiberfill stuffing mixed with the catnip.

Jasper was ready to play with the mouse before I finished stitching it closed.

Tuck the back edges of the mouse inside and take some small stitches to close. And you're done!

Now it's time to play!
What kind of toys have you made for your pets?


Anonymous said...

Such a cute puuuurdy cat! I haven't made any toys for my cat yet, I made a WOLLIES portrait of her though.
Lovely blog!Xx

susimac said...

Love your Tonkinese! Have have 2 as well!

Anonymous said...

Love these so much! What kind of fiberfill do you use? I only have polyester. Do you think that would be safe for cats? Thanks!

Cheryl Patterson said...

Thank you! Polyester fiberfill should be safe for cats as long as the seams are tight and they can't pull it out.

Nicole Handy said...

Your cats are beautiful. thank you for the tutorial, my cats will love this.