Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Monday, February 15, 2010

What's New?

My weekend was fairly creative and productive despite a little trouble with my trusty Kenmore sewing machine. I had cleaned out the sweater "fuzz" from under the presser plate and around the bobbin, adjusted the tension and jiggled the foot pedal. My husband could tell I was getting a little frustrated and asked me to describe the trouble I was having. Basically after all my efforts, when I pressed on the foot pedal, the machine either started out stitching too fast or would not start stitching at all. My Handy Hubby decided the foot pedal itself was the problem and after he took it apart and cleaned a connection, my sewing machine is working well again and all is good in my sewing room!
So here is what I've been working on. I've found some nice wool men's jackets, or sportcoats, and a great chocolate brown suede skirt, all at thrift stores. I like the way the woven wool, and especially the suede, look with the felted sweater wool so I've incoorporated them into some of my handbag designs.

This is my first try at sewing with the suede. I used it for the top band and strap of a Bella handbag. It's a little bit harder to work with, but I love the results.

I like this combo of the red sweater wool and the black and white herringbone woven wool. And it was fun to use the original jacket's features, like the pockets, in the design of the purse.

This is another Bella handbag made with green sweater wool and a simple plaid pattern in woven wool.

I've spent the afternoon cutting out some more combinations of colors and fabrics. What do you think? I'd love to hear your feedback or opinions on my new ideas!


Tara... said...

wow gorgeous - i'm glad i started following you after OWOH!
its a great idea to go hunting for old wool jumpers to use - very impressed :) might have to have a go myself sometime soon!

Twiglet said...

I love your bag designs and think your combinations of wool/tweeds etc are perfect. The suede looks really smart.

KaHolly said...

You certainly have the gift! I love your combo choices. I don't think I quite have the talent you show! Well done. ~karen