Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just for Fun



It seems I'm usually making and crafting for my Etsy shop, and sometimes gifts for others, but I don't very often make or sew for myself. But I made two plush koi fish just for me.
As I enjoy watching our koi and goldfish in our backyard pond, I can't help but admire the colorful spots and patterns. So I tried to duplicate the look by needle felting sweater wool to make soft plush koi pillows. I started with the orange koi with black spots and then made the "calico" koi, white with bright orange and black spots.
They now reside on the back of the family room sofa.

1 comment:

Il Gufo Creativo said...

I love them!
The pattern it's so realistic.
Really beautiful!