Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Monday, March 25, 2013

Waiting for Spring!

We've passed the first day of Spring and we've still had snow on the ground. Kind of unusual for us here in Indiana. This time last year we were already experiencing days of 80 degrees. And, it's putting a hold on my husband's ambitious plans for a new backyard koi pond.
He spent his free time over the winter planning and researching for his next big project. He has already ordered the pond liner and protective underlament. And the new pump for the filter system.
We put in a koi pond and water garden last Spring and truly enjoyed it. You can see the finished results here and here.

We have a space in our backyard where we have had a very large vegetable garden. We decided to give up some of that space for his wish of a bigger koi pond. The plan is for a 14 feet by 14 feet pond that will hold approximately 3000 gallons of water. We have lots of work to do. . .  digging a very large hole, collecting rocks for the edges and building a new filter system.
But for now we're just waiting for Spring!


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