Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work in Progress

Yesterday I set up my dining room table as my cutting table and organized and cut out enough projects to keep me busy sewing for a while! Here are a few photos of what I am working on today.

Several new handbags should be complete and listed in the shop
next week.

I'll also have some new zippered pouches, including a new design, if all goes well!

I've been wanting to incorporate some leather and/or suede into my felted wool purse designs, so I've been experimenting with pieces of a repurposed suede skirt. I purchased sewing machine needles made specifically for sewing leather but so far I've just done a few tests.

And I found a few brightly colored wool sweaters in what I thought would be great flower colors, so I've started a new batch of felted flower brooches. All these projects will definitely keep me occupied for the next few days!


californiablue said...

Wow - you are busy! I love the idea of incorporating repurposed leather. That texture with your felted work will be really nice.

PineBlossoms said...

Oh! I love those colors!
What a great find!
I am inspired!