Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Toadstools and More

Like many of you across the United States, we've had way too much rain lately. I'm not complaining, because we haven't had any flooding, severe storm damage, or anything like that. I'd just like to see the sun a little more!

One interesting result is the sudden appearance of toadstools (or mushrooms) all over the lawn and garden. They seem to sprout up over night.

There was a little domed forest of toadstools hovering over the grass of the front lawn.

And an assortment of shapes and sizes growing in the shade of the patio garden. They look like little fairy garden decorations!

They will probably soon be gone from my yard, but they did inspire me to look around Etsy for some Toadstools to share with you.

This cute Linen Zipper Pouch with Toadstools is from LaFlor

This beutiful piece is a Speckled Mushroom Focal-Lampwork Bead, custom order by Mary Lockwood

And this whimsical fabric and felt Toadstool is by lucykatecrafts. And you'll find a tutorial for this ornamental toadstool at the wonderful blog www.lucykatecrafts.blogspot.com/

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lucykate crafts... said...

hi, thank you for the mention. i do love toadstools, our garden has them growing in amongst the grass at the moment, i have chopping through them all when i cut the grass, at least they keep growing back!