Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Monday, August 4, 2008

Leaving the Nest(box)

A pair of bluebirds built a nest in the nestbox on our fence. It's actually very close to our screened porch so we've had a great view of all the activity. The male hung around the yard and waited patiently while the female stayed in the box on the nest. The baby bluebirds finally hatched a couple of weeks ago. The Mom and Dad have been busy feeding the little ones 24/7.

We could hear the babies quietly chirping when Mom and Dad got close by with a bug to eat. And for the past couple of days the babies have been chirping more and sticking their heads out of the box to have a look around. So, we thought they might be getting ready to leave the nestbox and this morning Daddy bluebird coaxed the last little one out to fly away!

At first they didn't go far, but then after a while I didn't see or hear them any more. But off and on for the rest of the day I could hear them calling to each other from the garden or a neighbor's yard. It was fun to have an up-close view of their lives and I wish them the best. Hopefully they are all healthy and survive to come back again next year!


tracey said...

how sweet. I have multi birdhouses in my garden and even though they are brightly painted- the birds love them! No vacancies at the inn! Check them out at www.trendyblogger.com.

Bobbi said...

Wow...that is amazing. You are so lucky to be able to sit and watch! I just checked out your etsy shop, it is full of cuteness!!!

Felt Sew Good said...

Thanks! We've all enjoyed watching the birds. (Including the cats, who are all indoor cats, but love the screened porch in warm weather)We can still see and hear the bluebirds calling to each other around the neighborhood. Everyone seems to be doing fine!